In 2008, Lock & Loaded founder Jose Schnekenburger recognized a gap in men’s grooming. Men wanted a stylized haircut you’d get at a salon without losing the raw simplicity from traditional barbering. With this observation, Jose developed “Fusion”, a 10-step program for stylists to better serve their clients growing demand for this look.

Fusion provides a comprehensive training to stylists, so they can execute at the highest level of quality. We also provide stylists with the tools for growth as a successful professional in the beauty industry.

The classes were so well received that we expanded to include a grooming and wash product line for the clients of our stylists. Each one is crafted with quality ingredients and proven by professionals for a look that’s personal and effortless.

Our teams work has been featured in international ad and print campaigns and has received the most prestigious of awards including NAHA Awards, Contessa Awards, BTC Awards, and OMC Hair World Awards.