Wash and Style Set

Wash and Style Set

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The perfect night out combo – receive our shampoo, conditioner and one styling aid of your choice. Hair ready for anything that comes your way!

Your choice of:

Bedrock hard hold gel

  • Shapes and adds all day long hold for an extreme finish.

  • Provides 24/7 hold/shine with massive volume when blow dried.

Grit transforming crème

  • Adds matte hyperactive gritty texture for maximum dimension.

  • Provides gritty texture to control thick hair and give fine hair a lift with superhuman hold and no shine.

C4 matte clay

  • Shapes and adds explosive matte separation for a raw disheveled and reworkable finish.

  • Provides a firm remoldable hold.

Vandal shining wax

  • Adds high beam shine and precision molding for a polished refined finish or slicked back mischievous look.

Styling Aid:
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